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Jun 22, 2006
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So I found some hair dye at a great bargain (3 for $10)

So I picked up Clairol Bleach Blonde and also some highlights in Cool Blonde and Golden Blonde for after.

I want to go blonde and maybe later add some highlights (im leavin one box alone for when my hair is my natural colour again)

But Im not to sure if I'll look good with blonde hair (if it does work)

Im including a picture of me, what do you think?


I think you could pull off the blonde hair! Especially if you dyed the tips or inside bottom part black you know what I mean? I think that would look great, kind of exotic on you since your eyes are brown.

Just make sure the blonde will catch on right because your hairs already kinda dark. And if you went bleach blonde itd proly be a good idea to lighten your eyebrows a little too.


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