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May 10, 2012
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Hello Ladies and possibly gents! ; ) im starting to get into the makeup business and i've really been having a hard time blending eye shadows together. some days i do ok, but other days it looks like crap! i also start cosmo school this summer. am i using the wrong eye shadow primer or could it be my brushes? (they aren't so professional, i got them from walmart as my beginners set haha) please if anyone has any blending tips, that would be very helpful to me. thanks guys! i have also been sticking the the Coastal Scents original 88 palette and Urban decay primer potion or nyx eye shadow base in white which i hate on me

Which brushes from Walmart? Bases can be sticky, so I prefer to add a soft brown in the crease, my highlight, and then my lid and crease colors. Blending is so much easier that way.

When you use eye shadow primer be sure to do a nude wash before applying any color, the nude wash refers to the color of your skin not the name of the eye shadow, keep it more to the matte side and slightly lighter value than your skin tone. wash means applied from lash to brow.

Start all colors from light to dark being sure to always blot your brushes not blowing[ when you blow you are spitting on your brush, gross!]simply pounce the loaded brush tips on a tissue. When applying with a brush don't let the brush bristles bend if they are bending you are pushing too hard and you will never get rid of that edge. As I tell all my students" makeup sits on the skin not the bone.".

it was a cheap set, i cant remember the brand. But it comes with four or five brushes i think. they dont really pick up my shadow colors to well either, i think its time for me to upgrade now since im becoming more serious with the makeup. But thank you for your advice ; )


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