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Feb 27, 2005
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Ack! I'm putting my Uggs away for good! I've worn down the inside of the heel so it's hard and it gave me a huge blister!

I always wondered what I should do with blisters. Do I pop them or leave it be?

freakin A it hurts!
my feet seem to be prone to blisters

I got few blisters last week, after wearing high heel sandal from 8am to 9pm.

I just leave it; I didn't pop it because it's so friggin hurt. I don't even touch it. I just wash my feet with warm water and dry my feet with towel. But, If I had to wear heels again on the next day, I pop the blisters with a sterilize needle, rub small amount of ointment on the blister area and put the water resistant bandages.

It still hurt, but I have no other choice, except to wear another low heel shoe/sandal with bandages on my feet.

Here some info about blisters treatment

i popped the big one. that one hurt more with the fluid in it. it doesn't hurt at all right now. but i used to cut off the blistered skin
won't do that anymore. that's the reson it hurts! it just sucks cause i have to go to the gym and work out my legs. i hope it doesn't hurt too much, but i have those blister bandaids.

I usually pop them just a teeny tiny bit, and leave the skin over the top. Then I just put on some neosporin and a band-aid. I used to have big huge callouses when I was doing ballet and dance, and I would get these horrible blisters UNDER the enormous callouses. Ouch! Luckily blisters heal fast!

Don't pop them. A blister is your body's natural bandaid. That's a quote from my mother. Usually after a day or so I'll pop them with a sterile needle and stick a bandaid on them.

i'm leaving the skin on it, but i figured out it hurts more when you take the skin off prematurely.


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