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Apr 9, 2007
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Hi there,

I was curious if anyone has ever made their own blotter paper? I was wondering if theirs a special type of paper you need to buy? I have a bunch of rice powder, and I know some blotters use that as an ingredient. Anyway, probably a silly question -- but was just curious.


I've never used blotter paper since i think a square or two of toilet paper/paper towel will work just as well, the reason why they use rice powder on some of these blotting papers is because rice contains starch, and starch is absorbent

thanks for the reply. I do that too from time to time. I've even used toliet seat covers, they seem to work well also.

The brown napkins you find at fast food restaurants work well too.

i heard paper coffee strainers are excellent too because they are make to hold and absorb. the fiber will not come off.

i do use blotting papers and i think clean and clear has the best. i've tried a bunch too!!

ditto to the clean and clear blotting papers,they work great and dont disturb makeup @ all

i liek ELF's blotting papers, the minimize my pores as well, however, i dont have large pores n the first place, but they're only a dollar its like carrying toilet seat covers in your purse!

I don't think you can do your own blotting paper by using the rice powder you have, but i recommend you toilet seat cover papers, they work well.

I discovered another item to use as blotting paper. My hubby has these special tissues they use in the lab to clean microscope and other lenses. They come in 100-200 tissues per box and they do not leave any lint behind when you blot. I use half to clean my sunglasses and the other half to blot my face.