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Feb 26, 2006
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  • You should always clean your blush brushes with baby wipes. Because any kind of carelessness in keeping your brushes clean, could lead to gathering and transfer of bacteria to your skin.
  • If you want to wear that sexy look then you can dab a little shimmer blush on the highest point of your cheekbone near your eyes.
  • While using the powder blush make sure that you always sweep it in one direction. Going over & over or around and around can cause streaks and can hurt your blush brush.
  • While using the gel blush, dab a dot on the apple of your cheek and two smaller dots graduating up the cheekbone. Then blend the dots together up to the hairline.
  • Dusky pink blush could warm up any face wearing a tired look.
  • For a healthy suntan you can put a little bronzer powder on your forehead, chin and nose.
  • You can dilute a dark or bight cream blush instantly by mixing it with a little concealer.
  • Brown blush is great for toning down the color of blush.
  • First apply foundation, eye color & lipstick and make sure that the blush is your last makeup step.
  • It is the shape of your face, which could be oval, heart, round, long or square, that helps you determine where it is best to apply the blush.
  • Never apply blush color above your cheekbone area because that will make your eyes look puffy.
  • In the daytime if the blush appears to be darker than the natural blush colors then you should tone it down by dusting some translucent powder over it. However this could be suitable for the evening make up.
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