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Feb 12, 2005
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Create a limited-edition customized makeup kit with Bobbi Brown’s NEW Palette System.

Select your limited-edition eye palette:

Neutral Eye Shadow Palette (shown top left)

NEW Ivory Eye Shadow

Cement Eye Shadow

Slate Eye Shadow

Mahogany Eye Shadow

Dark Eye Shadow Palette (shown top right)

NEW Cashmere Eye Shadow

Bone Eye Shadow

Exclusive Cognac Metallic Shadow

Rich Brown Eye Shadow

Select your limited-edition lip palette:

Lip Palette (shown bottom left)

NEW Mauve Lip Shimmer

NEW Kir Lip Shimmer

Slopes Lip Color

Cranberry Lip Sheer

Lip Gloss Palette (shown bottom right)

Naked Lip Gloss

Rum Lip Gloss

NEW Penny Shimmer Lip Gloss

NEW Posey Shimmer Lip Gloss

Add the Blush Palette (shown center)

Tawny Blush

Pale Pink Blush

And throw it all together in the Palette System Holder.

There you have it. An entire makeup kit, small enough to take with you everywhere.


How cool! Thanks for sharing, Marisol!

I am dying to get the Rose Gold Collection and case that Neiman's has right now. It looks fabulous!

I love BB. I usually have to get friends to order or swap with me to obtain it though. She doesnt sell in Canada or deliver. I have a running deal wiith a girl from MUA that I stock her up on LUSH and she picks up Bobbi Brown for me!

too cute! i love the palettes! is it me, or do those mini brushes look very much like eob? hmmmmm.....

i dont remember where i read about this, but when i saw it i was like oh my god these look cool!

i might get like 2 of them.

one for me and one for my mom for xmas.


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