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Sep 18, 2007
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I have been interested lately in finding different body washes, in my price range and expensive for a treat. I've two that sell them online, both and I have a bath and body works near me and a body shop. But no luck in finding anymore that sell shower gels/washes and shampoos online. Does anyone know of any companies were you can buy there product online that's in the states, canada, england, or from anywere else in the country? thanks!

have you looked in sephora yet? they have tons of stuff.

lush is a good idea, except some of their stuff is soooo heavily fragranced. if you don't have a sensitive nose, it probably wont even matter to you :].

philosophy is good in the sense of smell, but sucks [imo] as far as quality goes... i definitely cant use it on my dry skin in the winter.

in b&bw check c.o. bigelow out. i love their mentha mint body wash, especially after i work out. i've been dying to try their lemon one as well, but havent gotten around to it :[

& as far as inexpensive body washes go.. try carress, dove, suave & aveeno [esp. aveeno if your skin is sensitive]. hope that helped!


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