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Here's what I got:

Will the real Bridget Jones please stand up?

You are everyone's best friend. Everyone comes to you when they need advice or a pick-me-up because you can laugh at your own foibles, even as you seek to improve them. You've tried every fad diet and are dying to buy that electronic thing that will make your abs flat while you're watching Oprah. (It could work!) You scour the beauty and fashion mags and are an eternal believer that anything, given enough time, attention and/or money, can be improved upon.

Like the irrepressible Bridget Jones, you are sometimes a bit too concerned with what you imagine other people's opinions of you to be. But we're not worried because that's natural. We know that deep down, just as Mark Darcy loves Bridget, you truly love yourself "just the way you are" -- as well you should!

i got the same thing, mystic wolf. i dont know that i want to be compared to bridget jones, though! lol. shes a little sad. i do like turkey curry.......hmm.

Hey Kristina, great mind thinks alike, I got the same thing!

Originally Posted by Irishgirl My results! Gives me a big *seal clap*..LOL!

There's Something About...You!

You love an adventure as much as you love curling up on Sunday nights with your favorite takeout and Sex and the City. You're drawn to what feels good and don't have time for the rest. It never occurs to you that everyone isn't as happy or good-natured as you. You can open your heart without giving it away. Like the down-to-earth darling Cameron Diaz played in There's Something About Mary, your style, from hair to makeup to clothing, is to wear whatever feels and looks good, without agonizing over the selection process or the results.

"Balance" is the keyword with regard to your healthy sense of self and body image. Maybe you've worked hard to get this way, maybe you've always been, but right now, your life is about living well and feeling great. To that end, give yourself a refresher on the basics of radiant skin care, think about adding a dash of celebrity glamour to your look next time you hit the town and share (and trade) beauty tips and tricks with more women like you!<!--

Or better yet, ignite the passion at home with a new workshop from Dr. Patti Britton -- Awaken Your Sexual Self: 6 Weeks to Increase Your Sex Drive. (You go, girl!)-->

Originally Posted by haloinrverse i got the same thing, mystic wolf. i dont know that i want to be compared to bridget jones, though! lol. shes a little sad. i do like turkey curry.......hmm. lol Yeah I know; but it does describe me perfectly..... *sigh* oh well. At least I can be happy with myself (even if I am kinda sad most of the time)
I'm a There's Something About...You! girl, too! I think this is a fun quiz, though some of the questions are somewhat limiting. Like the question about the aerobics class - yeah, like I'm actually gonna BE there...not!!! And IMHO the most important thing about MY lipstick is that it doesn't smell like burnt rubber or old crayons.

But that's just me...

I also got the Bridget Jones results which I guess is sort of accurate -- Lately I've been a lot more self conscious about my look as I'm trying to transform my image from the college freshman look to the 20-something grad student soon-to-be-career-woman that I really am! Even though I'm self-conscious about my looks (especially my hair and figure) I don't try to hide my defects that much -- I'll wear two-piece swimsuits even though I don't have the world's flattest tummy, and I'm never embarrassed about my body in front of my husband! (I figure he married me, he must like something about me! lol)

First got "There's something about you," then "Bridget Jones." I think I'm a good cross betwen the two, in that exact order.


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