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Jan 6, 2008
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"Introduce yourself..hum..."

I'm 20, I'm gonna take my exams tomorrow and i'm coming here to think about other things...

I don't have the time (but after Friday...
) to try your tutorials (very pretty) and i don't have a loooot of make up (but an EDM purchase -eye shadow- will be at home soon ^^).

Althought your pictures are impressive and this forum is SO big lol

So, if you have any questions about the weather, my life, my cat and my make up maybe

Rosariana from Marseille (in the south of...France ^^)

I'm back!

I'm very tired this week... the exams are finished Friday and Monday back to school... It was difficult but i made my best and... today i have got my brushes (an other purchase) and now i'm waiting for everday minerals!!! oH god, i'm a true girl ^^...

Tomorrow the English begins in school ^^... It's cool, i like your language.

Thank you all!!


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