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Apr 20, 2004
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Question: Whats one of my favorite things about winter??

Answer: BOOTS!

La ShoeDIva loves herself some boots! Here a little article on.......

The Five Basic Boot Groups

by Saryn Chorney

With an autumn chill in the air, summer's old catchphrase "less is more" no longer holds true, especially when it comes to our favorite accessory: shoes. This season's must-have footwear is all about covering up -- feet, ankles, calves, knees, even thighs. That's right, its time to slip into this year's best boots. They come in such a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles, it's hard to know which pair to wear with what outfit. Here's your guide to the five basic boots you'll want to kick it in this fall.

Ankle Boots

The best thing about ankle boots? You don't have to zip 'em over your calves! All kidding aside, ankle boots are always in style. This season we're seeing two versions: punk and practical. The former comes in edgier colors (metallics, magenta) and sassier materials (patent leather, reptile). These boots also sport decorative additions like slick zippers, funky buckles and sexy kitten heels. For a fun night-out look, pair rocker booties with matching tights and a ruffled skirt to help soften the tough-girl vibe. (You can't go wrong with jeans either.) During the workweek, try a pair of the more refined, practical version. Pull on soft brown leather or rich suede ankle boots with a long, sleek pair of slacks or a chic tweed suit.

Midcalf Boots

This fall, dig your heels into midcalf-length boots. Slouchy suede (a.k.a. ruched) leather styles and cowgirl-biker hybrid boots are the best of the bunch. The former is a throwback to the '80s, but this time around, you won't see 'em worn with super-long skirts, fluttery minis or M.C. Hammer-esque wide-leg pants. Instead, pull 'em on with a skirt that reveals a lot of leg (like an A-line mini or a skirt with side slits) or opt for tight leggings or pants (with the pant legs tucked inside). Just keep in mind that this hipster look hugs calves, often making legs appear heavier than they are. Generally, boots with bondage bar straps, eyelet lacing or a line of contrast-covered buttons are a good way to go. Mix and match these styles with cutoff denim skirts and woolly tights, cropped denim jeans and cozy sweaters, and short (or long) flowy floral dresses. And if you're an '80s baby who's just itchin' to flaunt her fashion derring-do, try this blast from the past on for size: retro space boots. Like you needed another reason to show off your moonwalk on the dance floor!

Knee Boots

Don't be a sourpuss in boots; knee-length styles no longer spell torture for your tootsies. The best news of the season is that we're seeing tall, sexy boots in comfortable stretch suede and other stretch fabrics. Popular shoemakers like J.Crew and Banana Republic finally got the hint and are making boots with wider legs, rounder toes and shorter, more walking-friendly heels. Dare to be different by donning boots with delicate accoutrements like embroidery and folded over top flaps. Or be bold in a slick houndstooth pattern. Most styles go great with colored or patterned tights and all types of skirts and dresses. We suggest pairing your boots with a pencil skirt and matching bag, a flowy boho dress or trendy cropped trousers. Or go off the beaten path and try our favorite knee-high fashion trend: the sporty equestrian-style boot. No longer restricted to upper-crust polo fields, designers like Eddie Bauer carry elegant yet affordable modern riding boots for under $150. These rugged styles work well with tall knee socks or stockings (which should be just peeking out at the top), an above-the-knee skirt and a preppy argyle sweater or corduroy blazer. Sophisticated, earthy and comfortable? We say saddle up!

Over-the-Knee Boots

Want to make an intense fashion statement? with your legs? The diva's must-have boot is long on leather and thigh-high on style. Since hemlines are still unlimited in height this season, you might as well wear extra-long boots to keep your legs warm. Again, designers are wising up by adding sturdier, thicker heels that allow better movement. These boots are secretly seductive worn under a tailored evening suit, hipster cool over supertight jeans and seriously sexy with a formfitting minidress. Whether they're stretch crepe, lace-up, zip-up or snap-shut, over-the-knee boots create a supersleek silhouette that's both leg-lengthening and fiercely feminine. Work it baby!

Uggs or Blizzard Boots

Who would've imagined megastars like Cameron Diaz and Pamela Anderson stomping along Rodeo Drive in miniskirts and? bulky, brown wool-lined slipper-boots? Yes, we're referring to those unlikely, ubiquitous Uggs. But as curious a trend as they are, they're cozy and versatile and you can have wear 'em without socks! In fact, you can wear 'em to the office, on shopping excursions or even just loafing about the house. Better yet, the boots from the Land Down Under now come in a variety of shapes and colors. The original Uggs have been newly released in prettier hues like red, purple and light blue. And other designers have put their own spin on the style, adding chic embellishments like buckles, zippers, fringe, laces, pom-poms and even kitten heels. Try pairing these boots with a mini (with leggings or without) or tuck denim jeans inside 'em during bad weather. Even if they may make you go "Ugh," Uggs are en vogue for at least one more season!


These are one style of Uggs . They became very popular last year and were sold out everywhere. Ebay had them for double the price. Now you can find them everywhere. I can tell you that they are not very pretty or flattering but OH SO comfy!! I LOVE mine! They are my warm pillows . If you wear them with the right outfit then you can pull them off.

Originally Posted by naturally Okay ..I'm BOOT IGNORANT ...LOL ..what are UGGS? Now ...I've had my fair share of boots when I was in my younger single days ...seemed I was more fashion then ...somehow kids come along and fashion went out the window! But I'm curious as to these Uggs because I've heard them mentioned a few times but haven't seen what they look like ..or then ..maybe I've seen them and just didn't know their names! LOL (which to me is more like it since things change names as they come in/out of style again)

Never Mind ..(DUH) ...funny ...seen those many times (years) before that's what they are called now! Okay ..I can see where they'd be comfortable to wear!

Uggs are last year here in the UK. I have them in pink but cant understand why anyone would want to wear them in the rain or in LA !

You're so knowledgable - try out for Marie Claire or about Oprah? or create your own? My favorite is actually shoe NYC/Texan fusion...

I'm on the lookout for a pair of knee high flat boots.. Although i suppose it doesn't matter if they're ankle, mid calf or knee high coz i'll be wearing them under trousers. You'll never get me in a skirt. Never i tell you, NEVER!!!

No skirts??? Why??? They can look so sexy with long boots. If you are worried about your legs than just get some knee boos with a nice pencil skirt and you are good to go! Try it, I promise you will look great!

E=laura127]I'm on the lookout for a pair of knee high flat boots.. Although i suppose it doesn't matter if they're ankle, mid calf or knee high coz i'll be wearing them under trousers. You'll never get me in a skirt. Never i tell you, NEVER!!!

I have a calf problem... I have muscular calves - and its so hard to find boots that are mid-calf or knee high, and actually get them up and zipped! (Without breaking the zipper or cutting off circulation! lol) Even the stretch ones are too constricting.. so most boots I own are about 3" or so above the ankle... not ankle boots, and not mid-calf... somewhere inbetween I guess! LoL I like having my ankles covered for some reason... feel more 'supported" lol

My legs are so big at the mo shoey.. but i'm on the GI diet now & using a treadmill so i might consider buying a skirt in the new year (lol!) I haven't worn one in about 5 years!!

My youngest daughter discovered, stashed away in my closet, a pair of black leather, 6 inch stilleto heal boots that I bought like back in 1980. Man, I loved those things, I even had like these silver and turquois chains that went around the ankle and under the boot, must have lost those on one of those Tequila nights though
. I had forgotten all about them but she pulled them out and is now wearing em. I grimace in pain at just the thought of wearing them now, would probably injure myself anyways. I will stick to my good old Harley boots, wouldn't be a good idea to try to ride with those heels anyway, come to a stop on my bike, fall down and go boom, not good.

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