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Nov 18, 2006
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I recently decided to try out Bourjois Delice De Poudre bronzer (hey, if it smells like chocolate it can't be that bad!), and noticed the little brush that is sold to apply it with.

Is the product any good? And if I get the brush as well will it fall apart in nanoseconds after I try it out? (Up to now, I have only been using The Body Shop brushes, which I LOVE, and I have been terrified of bronzer in case it goes tangerine on my Ivory/01 skin).

Help please, and thanks in advance!

I have this bronzer. A little goes A LOOOONG WAY. I have it in the darker color, since my skin is warm with golden undertones.

I don't have the brush tho'. I apply it with a kabuki bought from a drugstore.

Sorry not tried this before, Benefit Hoola is a brilliant bronzer but i dont use the brush that comes with it as its to small, i use a large powder brush, i know alot of Bourjois stuff is good, let me know what this one is like, i may try it out

if your nervous about a bronzer, i'd go with a bronzer with muliple colors (like physcians formula or VS [which is what i use]).

it looks more natural i think than a one-shade bronzer.

but thats me.

OK, bought it and tried it (the lighter shade)- I like it, but I have to use only the TINIEST little bit or it turns tangerine - NOT a good look even for Halloween. I even like the brush - it's soft but it has NOT fallen apart and is quite good for applying it.

I definitely recommend it - however, Benefit's Hoola STILL rules the roost as far as I'm concerned . But if you're on a budget, like shimmer flecks or just like your products scented like chocolate (a big plus, lol) this is very good.


The bronzer smells like chocolate? Wow... I'd buy it just for that alone.


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