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Dec 24, 2007
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I used to like a lot of Bourjois products, and it being winter and not a fantastic time for minerals, I was looking for a few things online - went hunting and apparently where I live I can only order online.

This in itself wouldn't be a huge deal, but Sephora is doing a 1.30$CDN=1$USD (the real exchange rate ATM is 1.02$CDN =1$USD - they're about the same in other words, maybe three cents either way depending on the day).

I do understand about exchange rates and I know I can expect to pay 7 or 10 cents over the posted one when the USD is higher, but this is out-and-out price gouging. Does anyone know anywhere either Vancouver or online where Bourjois is available? I don't mind paying in USD at all, but Sephora doesn't offer that option and again - a 30% mark-up for Canadians seems a bit steep.

If all else, you could have someone in the USA do a CP for you... Or have you checked to see if you can order directly from the Bourjois website?


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