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Feb 7, 2007
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well this happend boxing day.. Dec 26.. i totally forgot to tell u guys. but everything was soo busy..

anyways.. i was home with my mom and bf and my mom goes to me... "why is there a shopping cart in the backyard next door".. and for my neighbors its very strange.. so i peeked out the back door.. and i see a young "ghetto" lol.. looking guy holding the door and he looks straight at me.. i wait to see what else.. but another guy handing him a bunch of recievers... i run back into the house.. and im like.. OH SH** B&E!!.. hahhah (break and enter).. mind u i like my neighbors.. i say hi.. but he new g/f never says hi back..

anyways.. i call the cops,, i can see the whole backyard from my sid kitchen window.. so i see the guys pack up some things and see them walkin slowly off.. like everything was normal.. well thanks guys.. i got ur description down pat!! hahah so i walk out behind my dads work truck and see the other guy walking BACK to the house.. i run back in.. and im on the phone with 911.. telling them to come NOW becuase the guy is back in the house.. about 5 mins later the house is surrounded by cops..

3 in th back 3 in the front.. one in the back has a taser.. well this is a show for all of us.. hahahah..

i step outside to have a cig.. i know bad habit.. but i got to see more action.. well after about 20 mins.. we hear ruckus in the house and they drag the guy out with a huge know on his face!!! serves u right.. turns out the guy had three knives on him, the girls red teddy and her bikini top.. well they got the guys.. they ransaked the house.. and i think they had been there the night before

their 52 inch flat screen is no where to be found they tore up all the presents.. the guy knocked a whole in the attic and was hiding behind the walls.. there pools of blood in the attic and on the porch..

the girl was shaken up so i brought over a couple of beers so they could somewhat relax ad clean up..

at least i sent a messge to some losers out there.. i call the cops in my neighbohood.. i dont stand for any shit that goes around here!!!

hahah karma comes back!!! hahah my good semaritan story!!

Originally Posted by pinksugar /img/forum/go_quote.gif that IS crazy. Did they know your neighbors? or were they just crazy jerks? no ive never seen these guys around my parents house before.. and a shopping cart in the backyard.. way too fishy i mean its understandable if ur just goin thru garbages.. usually happens in the city here.. but when ur parked in someones backyard.. ur doing something im not liking..

Good for you!! That IS a good thing you did, even if you're not tight with your neighbors. I'm sure they will love you now!! I would! LOL!

hahah yea when i was on the porch i was telling the bf. "i should be gettin another xmas present soon, lol some liquor would be nice!!" lol


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