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Feb 12, 2005
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Brad Pitt can't put into words what fatherhood means to him, except to say, "It is everything."

"The hardest job in the world, the most rewarding job in the world," Pitt, 43, tells CNN's Larry King in an interview to air on Wednesday night. (For a preview, click here.)

"We put in long days [working]," the actor said. "And to go home and have dinner with your kids, and have to discipline one of them who's out of line, and still have the energy for that is ... I can't explain the fulfillment of that, but it is everything."

Three of Pitt's four children with Angelina Jolie are adopted, and King relayed an old quote from the late Chicago writer Bob Considine: "I have four children. Two are adopted. I forget which two."

"That's great. It is so true," Pitt said with a smile. "They're as much my blood as I am theirs. And they are brothers and sisters. One came from Ethiopia, one from Vietnam, one from Cambodia, and one was born in Namibia. And they are brothers and sisters, and they have fun and they squabble and they fight, just like any other family. And it makes me so proud."

^ The good thing is that there are already tons of regular working men that do.