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Jun 11, 2005
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Here's Hunky Brad apparently hard at work on his "Rebuild New Orleans" Project. While he is sporting that Hard Hat, I can't help but wonder.....How hard can he really be working in head-to-toe white?? Nice try Brad, but we all know you're just the Projects eye candy. Now put on some cutoff short shorts, take off the shirt and get to work!!
he reminds me of a scene in a woody allan movie where he was wearing all white and a condom on his, can't remember the name of the movie...

I would say hardly working based on:

1. He is in all white and his white is still white!

2. His nipples look erect, and you don't have hard nipples if you are working hard and sweating up a storm.

He is still hot. Not many people can pull off the all white.

Bottom line is its for a good cause. New Orleans and my eyes.


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