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Jun 20, 2005
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so i've been watching the Bridezilla marathon and i'm absolutely amazed at how awful some of these chicks are acting... and about how much money these people like to spend on a wedding... why would you want to start your married life out in HUGE debt... i'm floored...
Originally Posted by Charmaine What channel are you watching this? I hate it when brides act that way. it's on Women's Entertainment (the WE channel)... they are just as reality crazed as MTV!!!
lol, I haven't seen that show, but I spent a lot of time on wedding planning message boards when I got engaged so I certainly know the type you're talking about! I never understood the point of really expensive weddings either, I would rather start married life with that money in the bank for the future! We had a nice traditional ceremony in my church, with a casual cake and punch reception in the church gym, and that's all we wanted!
We just wanted to spend the time talking to the guests; we were too shy to dance in front of everyone, lol

I also hate to see brides get so stressed out, I just want to tell them to calm down because it's not worth it! We planned our wedding while I was in grad school, and that helped keep things in perspective -- compared to the stress of grad school, I could care less whether the flowers matched the bridesmaid's dresses perfectly or whatever! lol We still put some effort into the planning, we just didn't stress much when things didn't go as planned!

i know, i don't get why brides get so crazy about the weddings. they worry more about the actually wedding than being married. why go in debt or spend all that money on one day.

my wedding (don't really believe in marriage because i'm not religious, but i don't want to get into it on here
) would be really simple. it hink it would be more like a commitment ceromony, but legalized. so it would be simple and have like a bbq type of party.

They're crazy!! They spend so much on ONE night!!! Put it toward the honeymoon & a house!

That show cracks me up! Some of those women are so witchy I am amazed that someone would marry them!
Originally Posted by tashbash That show cracks me up! Some of those women are so witchy I am amazed that someone would marry them! it's GOT to be love...


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