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Jun 11, 2005
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It's been weeks since I have posted a Brit pic in this forum....but today I couldn't turn away. This is clearly a TOP, not a dress. And I am sure we all recognize the tired boots. Somethings is going to happen soon...the storm is brewing.
Just imagine all the pics of her her children will someday see....that's sad.

She should act decently for once, she's already a mom, give herself and her kids some respect, why does she have to be a walking controversy and look so cheap. Nothing wrong with being/dressing decently and teaching your kids so.

What. The. Hell?

There are laws that dictate what is indecency. And that, my friends, is public indecency. She should be arrested and fined for that. No question.

Does she KNOW what she looks like from behind??? I seriously hope this was unintentional...but I doubt it.

Yep, she's craziest by the second and I think there's no way she didn't notice. She just doesn't care, I mean you can FEEL your butt is showing. I'm scared about what's gonna happen next.


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