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Jun 11, 2005
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Brit proves again that she doesn't know that skirts are to be worn with shirts, tops to be worn with pants. Underwear to be worn UNDER clothing. Is it just me or is this a skirt hiked over her bust and worn as a mini dress? Note the side zipper that is open....*shakes head while a single tear falls*



I just don't get this girl. I mean our MUT forum seems to follow Brit's fashion religiously lol... so if she is trying to prove a point that she "doesn't care" anymore... WE GET IT. Stop playin' now Britney... the joke's over.

Originally Posted by ThisIsKia /img/forum/go_quote.gif ...but cha can't take the trailer park out of the girl. apparently so.
Originally Posted by JennyMcL /img/forum/go_quote.gif Oh geez, I finally found somebody I know more about women's clothing than. Ahhahhhhahaaaa

OK... two things:

I ran into Britney in Orange County CA last week. I saw a girl with a Fedora on, with what appeared to be a skirt with leggings on underneath, a hot pink bra and a vest (it was about 100 degrees) all of which didn't match. I didn't think it was her, until she came walking up closer to me and I realized it was her. She looks better in person....BUT

She is a total whack job and she is definitely on something. I think she has somehow got the Michael Jackson craziness and I'm done seeing the mess of a girl she appears to be all over the place.

I hope Britney finds a cave somewhere to hide in and never comes out.

Le sigh. It looks like she wrapped a fancy towel around herself to go out.

Lmao. What the flipping hell... that goon.

Brit has a way of making me feel better about myself.


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