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Jun 24, 2007
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Count on more sick days for Britney Spears

By Courtney Hazlett

The Scoop

updated 10:43 p.m. ET, Wed., Dec. 12, 2007

Britney Spears called in sick to her court-ordered deposition Dec. 12, and according to her friends, we can expect her so-called illness to rear its ugly head again — relapses that will happen to coincide with future court dates.

“Britney feels like this is a perfectly acceptable thing to do,†said a source close to Spears. “She did feel sick, but more than anything, she felt like she didn’t have to do something just because she was told.â€

Would Britney really risk losing her kids rather than face questions about her parenting? The answer is complicated. “She would do anything for those babies,†one former employee was quick to point out. “But she really doesn’t believe that she’s going to lose them. She’s not connecting the dots.â€

This isn’t the first time that Spears’ cooperation with the courts has been called into question. Kevin Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, complained in court last month that she was routinely ducking court-ordered drug tests, often failing to pick up her telephone or respond promptly when called to the laboratory. After that hearing, the court ordered her to provide a reliable telephone number.

“There was a time that Kevin didn’t even have Britney’s cell number,†said one of Spears’ former employees. “Does it seem like a surprise that the court doesn’t have a good number?†Touché.


I really think there is something wrong with Britney. It's like she had a breakdown and never recovered. It's so sad to see someone so young ruin their life and make such irrational decisions.

Hmmm ducking out of court dates really shows you're reliable... ughh they should court order her to a mental health clinic

K-Fed's Lawyer to Brit -- I'll Slap You Down B!

Posted Dec 13th 2007 7:20PM by TMZ Staff

Filed under: Celebrity Justice, Britney Spears

KFed's lawyer is fed up with Britney Spears, and we're told he's going in deep -- for sanctions!

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ powerhouse lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan is furious that Britney was too sick to depo yesterday morning but not too sick to party in the evening. We're told plans are underway for Kaplan to ask Commissioner Scott Gordon in the custody case to bar Britney from asking for anything more than she already has under court order.

We're told this is the fourth time Britney has been a no-show for her depo. Sources say Kaplan feels that Britney should not be allowed to have her Twinkie and eat it too. In other words, she should not be allowed to go into court and ask to restore custody if she won't sit for a deposition to determine if she really is a fit parent.

Kaplan could ask for other penalties, including attorney's fees. He could also ask that Brit be held in contempt, but we're told he probably won't go there.

By her not going to court, it is showing people that she isn't interested in retaining custody of her children. It's so sad.

Originally Posted by luxotika /img/forum/go_quote.gif By her not going to court, it is showing people that she isn't interested in retaining custody of her children. It's so sad. Originally Posted by PhantomGoddess /img/forum/go_quote.gif I just feel bad for the baby boys now. They didn't choose their mother.
I agree.
i think this is a cry for help. i think she knows she's in no shape to raise her boys right now. it's so sad to say but maybe she should be away from them until she can get it together. jmho~

Britney... this is really sad. I'm upset this is even going on so long, I assume with normal people you no show to court and dodge your drug tests, that's it? Take her kids before anything terrible happens and have her ordered to rehab (at this point perhaps some time in a mental hospital).


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