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Aug 27, 2012
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Hi everyone!
This is a perfect look for summer, even if it's and of summer, it's still so hot outside so this look goes so well with the season and tones skins!

Here's what I used:- eye primer potion, Urban Decay- Virgin, Urban Decay- Buck, Urban Decay- Half Baked, Urban Decay- Snakebite, Urban Decay- Khôl pencil, Yves Rocher- Eyeliner Lastin drama, Maybelline- Double extension mascara, Loréal- extra volume collagene, Loréal-  10h sleep effect, Bourgeois- Roll on anti-darc circles, Garnier- Mineralize powder, Mac- Délice de poudre, Bourgeois- Lip junkie, Urban Decay
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See you soon!


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