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Jun 11, 2005
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Here's the girl verson of Hulk Hogan tramping it up yet again. She dresses like a human Bratz Doll...ugh. This looks like a costume from a Vegas show..all wrong as usual. Sooo Not Hot.
such a beautiful girl, BUT the girl needs to fire her EQUALLY styless mother and hire herself a REAL stylist!!

Hmm, Shes pretty, not keen on her done up look tho, she looks pretty in jeans and tee shirt with little mu, I also get told i look liker her but i dont see it myself

WTF?! Isn't the Hulk supposedly "over-protective" of his daughter. First she traipses around town with barbie doll hair tracks glued to her head just a-flappin' in the breeze. Then she assaults our eyes by throwing a "concert", wearing nothing but chaps and underwear, practically showing everyone her bare buttocks. This woman just does not learn.

No no no. This dress would not even be approved on Dancing with the Stars. I apologize if I come off a bit snarky, but I had a bit of a headache, and now upon gazing this frightful sight, it is becoming a full-on migraine...I'm being serious.

Not hot. She has a naturally cute face. I guess she can't wear all that make up, otherwise she looks...err, um..different.

Where does she live? I am going to buy a full length mirror and send it to her.

I agree she looks much better in jeans and a tank tip. That outfit is all wrong.


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