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May 22, 2006
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I have very thin, scattered brows. I cannot do wax bc my skin breaks out for more than a week. I have tried 5 different salons. I have no idea how to shape them or fill them in. I have to tweeze them. What should I use to fill them in and how should I shape them?

I recommend not plucking, waxing or whatnot if you want them to grow in. Invest in either some castor oil or Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Accelerator. For a brow pencil, I prefer Almay Brow Defining Pencil. Powders = Ardell Brow Powder, NYC Browser Set or BeneFit Brow Zings. For brow "gel," MAC Brow Set or clear mascara.

If you're looking to grow them back into a particular shape, check into Ardell brow stencils. Find some similiar to the shape you want, and try to let your brows grow in "according to the stencil." I did that and went from literally pencil marking thin rounded brows to thicker, nicely arched (slight arch) brows... Almost Linda Evangelista like brows you could say. I've posted pics in another thread.

Other than what Aquilah said, i definitly and strongly suggest using UDPP on them, then fillind them in with a color that is close to your hair color by using a stiff liner brush. I do this, because i dont have dark or much eyebrow hair for that matter lol. HTH

I've yet to see anyone with great results from the eyebrow serums out there... use a scrub on your eyebrows, or suger or salt. The scrub stimulates the hair follicle and gets it to grow. I've seen results with my clients in as little as 2-4 weeks. Use an eye shadow color 1-2 shades lighter than your hair, it always looks darker on... tweeze what you def don't want and then get a pro tweeze. They can get the shape going so it's easier to grow in where you want.. just dont wax. I've rarely wax anymore. I'd say about 99% of my clients tweeze only....

i like the shape of the ardell stencils and they're reasonably priced. using some of the brow products mentioned with the stencils should give you good results while you're waiting for your brows to grow in.

Those brow stencils are amazing, definitely worth getting. And once you've got the shape you want, you just need to pluck out the strays every few days.

Personally, I haven't tried stencils so I don't have any input on that. But I love the NYC brow kit. It comes with the powder, wax, a little pair of tweezers, and a little brush. It works great, ecspecially for the price. I prefer powder rather than pencil because it looks more natural.

I use Smashbox Brow Tech. It comes with a brush, color (in a pot like shadow) and wax. It works great.

If you can not wax, have you ever considered having your brows threaded? A lot of salons do that now. I have heard a lot of people say that could not tolerate wax and love threading.

Reg: breaking out after waxing...

What did they use to clean up after they waxed? Because wax can only be removed with oil(s), usually that's what caused you to break out and not the wax (unless there's something that you know you're breaking out/allergic to like fragrance, mineral oils, etc...)

have you tried sugaring??? It's literally lemon, sugar, honey and water and comes off with water. I use it exclusively for brows and have never had a client break out because I'm not needing to 'clean up' afterwards with oils... Also it stays soft so that also helps with comfort as well.

If you're breaking. the next day? that's a breakout. If you're getting red bumps immediately after waxing, that's either an allergic reaction to a wax or the hair follicole 'clamping up' to save the hair. That goes away in about 2-3 hours and it's fairly common specially in very light skin. That happens to about 10% of my clients... nothing to be alarmed about...

I agree with Elke, sugaring is an option or try threading. What kind of wax is typically used? I like hard wax myself (does not require a strip for removal). Make sure the salon is doing a consultation before you get waxed because if you are on certain meds (oral or topical), that may contribute to how your skin reacts.

Since you have been to several salons, next time you come across someone with amazing eyebrows, ask if they get them done somewhere. You should see someone's work before getting a service to avoid getting disappointment.


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