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Sep 2, 2007
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Hey guys, im in search for an excellent eyeshadow brush. I have a brush from sephora, but it doesnt pick up color that well. I like mac brushes, but im open to any suggestion. Just need something to pick up color for my eyelid and easy to control the color. Oh..and one that also picks up mac pigments well. Thanks

Essence of Beauty brushes are excellent quality for the price. You can also look into Sonia Kashuk which you can buy at Target.

I don't know if this works for pigments, but for control, I like the MAC 219 brush. It's for creases, but I use it to apply black shadow to my lower lid.

I also have a Revlon "highlighting" eyeshadow brush, but the wording is faded, so I can't give you any more information about it.


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