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Oct 16, 2011
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What are your favorite brushes from Costal Scents/BH Cosmetics?

I used to use ELF brushes, but I somehow misplaced a few of my most used brushes.

I just got an email that Coastal Scents got a bunch of new eye brushes and they're pretty inexpensive.

I've got a pile of CS badger brushes, as well as many others, which I use on a regular basis. For the price I paid they're pretty amazing. The MAC brushes I own sit unused the majority of the time because I've found so many other great brushes from other brands. Love every ELF brush I have, too.

Originally Posted by Bonnie Krupa /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I'm pretty sure all those brushes (from bh, coastal etc) are crown brushes

Yeah I think alot are. Not sure if the new brushes I got an email about are.

I'll probably end up comparing prices on all 3 sites and the shipping and then make a decision.

I have the divine shadow large(really packs on the shadows), black pointed crease, and divine taklon liner brush, all of which I really like. :)


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