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Nov 6, 2006
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So im looking at brushes making lists as always.

And Ive been on Mac & Nyx so far.

And 4 brushes & the cleaner on mac is 91.50 w/o tax.

5 of the NYX brushes are 46.90 with shipping.

But what about Sephora brushes are they anygood, I didnt price them yet. Or do you think I should wait for those new mac brush sets and get one of them. I get really confused on brushes, so I really need everyones help.

I noramally use cheap brushs from cvs & walmart and they just fall apart so easy, I could have had a nice sized brush collection with all good brushes.


I've never used NYX or Sephora brushes, but I have used MAC brushes. For cheap brushes I like Sonia Kushak, and I dig the BE brushes for concealer/medium coverage for blush. I've got an eyeliner brush and a blender brush from Sally for $3 and $4 dollars and I love both of them.

Ill have to check sallys too thanks!

I checked bunbuncity on ebay too and they have 32pc set with case for 46 with shipping included. That ones sounding very nice.

i saw the nyx brushes and for some reason dont look too good, i would deff get sonia kashuk, they are way cheaper than mac, you can get alot more, and they have a very large selection for eyes, they have an awesome dupe to mac's #224 i have 6!!!!! i would stock up on those!!

I second the Sonja Kushak brushes at Target and the BE (Bare Essences?) at CVS...very inexpensive and do the job very well for alot less!

Well i have the cvs ones and ive cleaned them and kept them really nice and have had to replace each of them about 3 times. So I want something diffrent then drugstore.

Well i have the cvs ones and ive cleaned them and kept them really nice and have had to replace each of them about 3 times. So I want something diffrent then drugstore.

sonia kashuk, i've abused those for years and they're still going strong. i wish i never spent all the other money on my chanels or macs.

Hmm... That's interesting that you have had problems with the Essence of Beauty brushes from CVS. I have mine and I honestly love them.

Still, I would highly recommend the SK brushes from Target as well.

I just bought some stuff on MUA w/o swapping. If I see something I want I usually just PM the owner and ask if they take cash. Some will say they only swap, most will say sure.

For those of you who love the SK brushes, which version do you prefer? The more expensive black handled ones, or the white handled ones? I've only tried the white handled ones.

I don't own any of them, but I've tried a couple that belonged to my friend. What's the difference between the two types?

hey ash, as far as the NYX brushes i own three and i LOVE them...for the price you really cannot go wrong. i also have one slanted brush from sephora which i also like alot but Nyx is a much better deal for your money in my opinion. the slanted e/l mac brush is good its comparable to the sephora one i have . Mark has a few nice bruches too. i have the e/s brush, e/l brush. blending e/s brush, blush/bronzer brush, and the fluffy powder brush. i love all of those too and theyre also inexpensive. might wanna look into those. my fave from mark is the e/l brush which i use as a lip brush b/c its a bit too thick for the precision i like. the pointed e/l Nyx brush is awesome for gel amd liquid e/l -im rambling now
anyway hope i helped a lil' ~ aloha~ deb


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