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Dec 15, 2007
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Sorry if this questions has already been asked. Does an expensive brush really make a difference in the application of eyeshadow, blush, etc?

I think the quality of the brushes has alot to do with how well it looks on ur skin and how natural. I've used both and always go back to Macs brushes or Smashbox

amynyc is right the quality makes a hudge difference. I just got Gosh Brushes of xmas and their amazing. Their really expensive but its really worth it.

I think it makes a difference yes. I have a set of Sephora brushes, but I'm currently reading up on other brands, since I'm looking to buy some new ones.

Yes, good quality brushes are definitely worth it. They make a huge difference to how a product applies. Plus, they last a lot longer.


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