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Aug 13, 2006
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Has anyone shopped at Steve and Barry's i just recently heard about it and there stuff if super cheap and looks cute, do you like there clothes???

LOL! For some reason, I had thought it was a sports clothing store. So I never went into it to check it out. Is it similar to Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe? Or is it more like Marshalls?

They havent opened one up in the sf area yet (that i know of) but im thinking its more like an h&m with their celeb lines (sjp & amanda bynes) & price range. Ive heard mixed reviews but im excitied to check it out when it does open. For everyone whos been to one id like to know what you think

we have one in the mall here.

i didnt care for the stuff. its more college kid based, like shorts tshirt, tanktops, hoodies, etc....

I went to one 2 months ago in Manhattan. It's basically a t-shirt and jeans type store. Very casual. I bought several pieces from Sarah Jessica Parker's line- Bitten. Not bad and very cheap (price). T-shirts and tops were $7.99 and jeans were $14.99.


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