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Sep 27, 2003
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My hairdresser always recommends this line. Also a neighbour of mine is a hairdresser and she says that it's the best hair care line available on the market. I have tried a couple of products and I'm not sure if they are any better than some of the other lines I've tried. Actually I think the volumizing shampoo I tried made my hair really dry. I also used the leave-in conditioner and it didn't really condition my hair. Any opinions about this line? Good or bad?

I don't like Bumble & Bumble at all. The only thing that I like from that line is the Surf Spray. I felt that their shampoos dried my hair out and I didn't feel like the conditioners conditioned my hair at all.

i love a few products from this line. i have VERY curly hair and i love the way the curl consious (sp?) definded each and every curl, i also love the shampoo and conditioner that comes in the yellow bottes : )

I've never tried it - mainly because all the people I know that have used it... didn't like it much. So I didn't bother with it.


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