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Aug 16, 2005
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I am not sure if it is the right place ot post this but I am new to ebay and I was wondering if it is safe to buy makeup or skincare products on ebay? Has anyone did it before? Thank you!

i've done it lots of times
make sure you read the description carefully, though. i've bought 50+ things from there and i've never had the problem

I know Trisha does this quite a a bit and I've just started. It's a good way to get brands that aren't easy for you to get, discontinued items and bargain brushes. I think you need to know what your looking for (either a brand or exact product) and as Jennifer said you need to read the item description carefully so that there are no nasty surprises when it arrives (of course like buying anything on ebay check the feedback and look for repeat customers).

well it's a policy that you can't sell used makeu on ebay. but some people don't know that you can't.

so make sure you read it:

-make sure it's not a sample

-make sure to read if it's new or has been used a few times

-check the shipping price to make sure it isn't a lot.

-make sure it's the right color that you're buying.

-and definitely read the feedback

I have bought stuff off of ebay but the most important thing I can say is read how much people are going to charge to ship because they will ROB you on shipping! You know as well as I do that it does not cost $5.00 to ship a lip liner.

ITA with Regina - watch out for the shipping charges, as some people charge an arm and a leg (like this lady!!). There's no reason that foundation brush should cost $6 to be sent in a small packet in the US - no reason at all. I've bought a few things on eBay, and I've had no problems!!!
Oh yeah one thing I did want to mention... if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the seller. I'd much rather ask before I bid.

that is so true, ive purchased products from ebay many times, ive not really had a major problem but i have had problems like you said, they say used once but it looks used proper! or when theyve stated 'tested lightly, with box' so you think its got a box with it, when it arrives the box is in tatters and the item looks very used, after these few mis-haps i am very weary indeed about what i purchase, who i get it from (read their feedback) and buying from powersellers also seems safer. however saying that, there are sellers out there who are very honest in their description of the item and very reasonable with thier postal charges, also its a great place to sell off your own make up that you bought and never used and is just sitting their being pickled! may aswell go to a good home. ive not started selling but will soon as i got many new things i dont use and nail tech books that are brand spanking new just sitting there!

Also check to see if it's old. Some people sell things that ought to have been thrown out long ago.

Thank you everyone for the information! I bought only one thing off ebay and it was the 3 season of Roswell on DVD. I got a great deal and everything was fine but with makeup and skincare, I just didn't know.

I so agree with you with the shipping charges on ebay. Some people are crazy. I am in Canada so I wrote to a seller asking how much would be the shipping for the season 2 of Roswell which is bigger tan makeup I know but still it is not 30$ to ship a boxset... I've seen every higher prices on the ebay message board. Not to mention that most prices are in US funds so more exepensive for me.

I really love Stila's makeup but it is so expensive here in Quebec that I don't buy a lot so I might check on ebay ...


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