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It's hot down there? Haven't heard anything about them...

...this past summer our house almost got caught near one.

that's not good
it's heating up here now so I wouldnt be surprised if we get early fires.. it's so dry from winter and the wind is really bad!

hope everyone is alright down there (or is it up there?)

Oh yeah, tell me about it! We took a drive today just to get away from the smoke. A little while ago our power went out and the building fire alarms went off in the pitch black, so that was fun
I don't know what that was about but luckily everything's fine now.

I just saw it on tv! my goodness it was a lot of damage by the looks of things!

in australia we have special helicopters that dump water.. does california have anything like that? I think more countries need to be educated about fire danger - australia is really prone to fires so I think we're really lucky in that when we do have bushfires, there is a lot more information on tv and in schools about how to deal with them and how to stay safe.

I hope all those muters in the area stay safe! huggles!

We went through fires here a few years back. It can be so scary. Hope everyone is doing ok.

SoCal is on fire

Well wishes to everyone here.

I dont even want to go outside because debris is everywhere.

I hope everyone is ok and doing well, be safe and I will be praying for yall. The winds dont make it any better!

i'm about 30 minutes away from the ontario and san bernardino fires, san diego is also getting fires up in poway which is also residential, a few years back when we had all those fires we got all the smoke and TONS of ashes for like 3 days!! you'd go outside and everybody's cars and street would be completly covered in ash!! if the winds continue, we'll probably get all the ash again. which is NOTHING compared to all those poor peoples homes catching on fire.

The air was so nasty yesterday, now it's not so bad here because it's not windy right now. Ick I hate the wind!

Originally Posted by Tony(admin) /img/forum/go_quote.gif Omg, the fires out here in Southern CA are bad. Yeah they are T. If they get any worse, Husband, I and the kitties are OUTTA HERE! We might just ferry to Catalina Island and stay there if needed.
Yesterday, we didn't even have a real dusk. The sky was just black with smoke. Even though it was hot out, we were forced to close our windows. All of our NE window sills are coated in ash and soot.

Parts of my city are being evacuated so I'm keeping a close eye on this...

Originally Posted by CellyCell /img/forum/go_quote.gif It's hot down there? Haven't heard anything about them......this past summer our house almost got caught near one.

It wasn't very hot, but it was windy.