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Nov 15, 2006
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I suck at figuring out how to graph and i missed school yesterday so theese papers are due by tomorrow & i usually get teachers help.

but.. today the teacher was not there.


so anyways

graph one

Average distance vs. time graph

i need to figure out theese numbers


like what to graph them by. & what every mark between would be.

and theese numbers too


helps. ugh, i;ve working on theese packetrs for a really long time.

and i've still got a headache. I swear i can't wait until im out of highschool.

Honey, do you know what the units on those numbers are? (feet, seconds, meters, ect...)


You want to put the more consistent variable on the "X" axis, (the horizontal one). In your case, this is usually "Time".

You want to put the other variable on the "Y" axis, (the vertical one).

You must have an "origin", where the two axis meets. That is usually "zero (0)".

Whenever you mark an axis with numbers, they always need to be equal distances apart between every number. People call this "increments". You always want equal increments on an axis.


The first set of numbers, you could probably go 0 - 275. A nice easy increment to use could be 25. So start: 0, 25, 50, 75, 100...........all the way up to 275. Always try to find the easiest numbers to use. It will help your graph look cleaner.


Do the same for the other axis.

1. Start with zero go up to a nice easy top number limit.

2. Pick an easy increment (ex: 5 or 10 or 25, you know, very simple)

3. Write out all the increment numbers on your axis... not the '0,41,97,158,231,331' numbers.

4. After both your axis are finished, it's time to "plot" your graph. That means to make a "connect-the-dot" line.


You may be okay after this point. If you are still stuck, come back with more questions. But do try to make both axis of your graph first.

I hope this helps you!

Centimeters for both graphs!

&& i'll read over what you wrote. Hopefully it's going to help me.