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Sep 11, 2005
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My best friend's daughter job counselor has recommened that she can get a job at Glamour Shots doing makeup, only thing: she is not experienced in this field, and it possibly pays only a commission; something she does not want.

The agency is one of the companies that trains,helps with finding a person a job,etc.etc. Is my friends daughter wasting her time?

P.s. Sorry to be confusing: My best friend has a daughter who has a learning disability. The daughters job counselor is helping with finding the daughter a job that she likes. Any advice?

I agree, she can definitely do it depending on the severity of her disability, as long as her instructor is patient and can take the time out to teach her she'll be fine. Most important thing is that she's doing what she likes to do.

well if the disability is not keeping her from her ability to do makeup then i dont see why not.

Of course she can be a makeup artist. If she has the inner aptitude and gifted ability for color and composition, learning disability or not, nothing can take that away from her! Tell her to go for it.

She most definitely can! If it's something that she wants, that is.

If by 'learning disability' you do not mean missing fingers or digits. But still, it would be good know what type of learning disability since there are so many out there. I think I have like four or five. And maybe a few I have not even heard of.

Originally Posted by Ohappydayes /img/forum/go_quote.gif Learning disabilities have nothing to do with physical impairments, that's something totally different.
As for you, you may have more than one disability/condition/disorder, but if you have a learning disability, you only have one ...and it may manifest itself in one or various areas. For example you may be LD in reading,writing and math...but that doesn't mean you have 3 seperate disabilities.

Just needed to make that clear to keep people from being confused about these issues.

I was just being sarcastic with that snippet: "if by 'learning disability' you mean missing fingers or digits.' However, I think it is all subjective to say what you did. More over, how would you know; unless of course, you were the person saying that they had more than one.
Could be a gift, having a different outlook on life can give new inspiration to the art.

Yes of course she can, i know someone at my daughters College who has a Learning Disability & he was worried that he would not get a place at the College (Equestrian College) learning to handle Horses, but he is a great Rider and i am sure will do fantastic


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