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Aug 27, 2007
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well, im actually a plus-size lady (a 16 to be exact) and i was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give some tips on what to wear and all that stuff so that i could just feel good about myself.



Definitely structured shirts and fitted jackets. You might want to avoid thin or clingy fabrics since they have a tendency to show everything.

Dark wash jeans are always great, but skirts and dresses can definitely do wonders.

What type of body shape do you have? Top heavy, bottom heavy, hourglass, straight? Your body shape plays an important role on what clothes look good on you.

Hope that helps some!

iono but nowadays there are lots of places you can shop

lane bryant


ashley stuart

etc. there are options

helow! thanks for your reply guys...

im actually HOURGLASS but with a few excess meat...hehehe

and my height is like between 5'1 and 5'2...pretty small i know...

thanks again

im around the same size as you, here are my tips:

use darker colours more and avoid fussy things with patterns and frilly bits, dark jeans or trousers are great and if you like a shirt but dont want it showing your shoulders just wear a top underneith with a bit of sleeve, height makes you appear a bit slimmer. if you wear the same colour on top and on the bottom it also helps, avoid anything tight or too loose and show what you think is the best part of you body.

id love to hear other peoples tips too because i usually wear all black hiding my whole body because i feel awful in everything


thanks for the tip..

and dont feel bad about yourself ok?...i ACTUALLY feel good about myself but i just want to improve my style.

Dont try to hide your way or the other you must have a great asset...whether that be bust, hips or legs...or whatever dont be shy to flaunt them.

And i dont believe those advices that being colorful(except those really bright colors like yellow, pink,purple..etc) makes you look fat...i dont think just depends on the fabric/material of the clothes and the way you carry yourself. There are even thin people who wears expensive and beautiful clothes but still it doesnt look good on them right?

try wearing white, or light blue or something like that...those colors will reflect on you that would make your face bloom and shine. seriously i love wearing white. dont wear black always because it makes your face look dull and dead. trust me. this is my boyfriend's advice and im passing it now to you. hehehe.

hope this is good..

but i want more...hehehehe

hey ladies! i'm part of the club. stereoxgirl gave some good tips. when thinking of fashion for my size i look at people who i admire their style like jennifer hudson, etc. v necks are always great, yes a dark trouser pant is a plus.

also, if you like something that fits someone that's not our size, go to the plus size stores and see if they sell that style or tailor it to your style. whenver wearing a hot dress do use spanks or a shaper. it does wonders and you;ll feel great. invest in shapers! you can practically wear anything-- i usu only wear them with skirts or dresses for a dress casual, formal and semi formal occasions. they don't show all of our excess and gives us a smoother shape... put on some heels and your makeup and feel like a rockstar or sexy vixen.. good luck!


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