Can anyone rec me a silvery green eye shadow? forums

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Feb 8, 2005
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I'm looking for a pigmented shimmery mid silvery green/greeny silver eye shadow. Any recs?

Ooh, that sounds nice violet.. I can't think of any off hand but if i do i'll let u know

Originally Posted by Violet I'm looking for a pigmented shimmery mid silvery green/greeny silver eye shadow. Any recs? Totally stumped by this and I have quite a few green eyeshadows. If the are metallicy it always seems to be gold rather than silver. Hmm, I'll get my thinking cap on
Have you looked at Steamy e/s by MAC? It's got a hint of silver & is very pigmented. (See Trish's notepad for a swatch

Thanks for the recs.

Joyeuux: I have Steamy and it's a shimmery vivid greeny blue to me. I want a soft, green tinged silver. More silver-based than green-based. I'm very particular! lol. I just have so many eye shadows and I realised I don't have one like this and I have an exact idea of what I want it to look like.

Oh, okay (I was just thinking of the closest thing I have). So you're looking for a silver shadow with a touch of green?

The green in NARS Ireland duo is silvery mint. When I pair it with the grey shade they sort of blend into each other because of the silveryness.

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Originally Posted by leelee

Try Sacha's Cosmetics they have a variety of shadows

Hiya Leelee! Just wanted to welcome you to MakeUpTalk aswell. I'm Laura from Ireland. If you need anything just PM me or one of the other moderators and we'll gladly help you out. Look forward to chatting with you

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You can also check out the Metamorph e/s from MAC's Madame B. collection. It was totally pretty, but looks like something I picked up at the drugstore.. I think L'Oreal had something similar.


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