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Oct 27, 2012
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What I'd like to find out is the various colors in foundations, concealers and loose powders in all brands compatible with my skin tone. I hate to say it, but the girls at my local makeup store seem to know even less than me about makeup, and have chosen wrong on more than one occasion. Here's the colours that I know work well: Concealers: Maybelline Age Rewind - 10/Fair Foundations: Studio Gear Dual Identity Mineral Wet/Dry - Cream Lorac Porefection - PF2/Light Bare Minerals - Fairly Light Fair (I mixed the two together) This brand is no longer compatible with my skin. Loose Powders: Studio Gear - Light Unfortunately for me, I live in a small town with no Sephora anywhere near me. I miss Sephora so much! I don't really like to buy cosmetics over the net, unless I know that im getting the right colours for me. Store-wise I have an Ulta, and a Belk. Not the best selection, I know. Hopefully, by the telling you the brands and colours that do work, will give you enough information. Also, I have combination skin, oily around the nose area, with a tendency for the skin to flake. My forehead is also oily. I have occasional breakouts, I am prone to whiteheads(if anyone knows how to get rid of those things, I'll be eternally in your debt!) I'm also prone to sweating, gross I know. I h ad a hysterectomy when I was 35, and that's the cause! I really love the look of mineral makeup, but I can't wear any brand that has the 'bismuth oxychloride' in it, as this is the cause of really bad irritation for me. I look forward to your help, thanks!

You aren't the same color as me so it's hard for me to tell. I will do my best to find some matches for you though.

Do you know your MAC color? If there is a Macy's near by, I'd recommend going there and getting matched to MAC, and it will be easy to find matching colors.

I am also Fairly Light in Bare Minerals. I find that Too Faced's BB in Cream Glow matches my skin.

Now this seems bizarre to me, considering the colours That normally work for my skin tone. My friend gave me some foundation(it was an emergency!) and it actually worked. It's bizarre, because its a lot darker than I'd normally use. It's by MAC and its their Light Medium. Can you explain why it worked for me, because I can't figure it out for love nor money!


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