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May 31, 2005
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what's ur can't live without shoe store?

u know, that store that u just HAVE to go into when u're at the mall, the one where u must try on their shoes, and u somehow manage to find something absolutely gorgeous on u

for me, it's Stuart Weitzman, a shoe store at SouthCoast Plaza.
a bit pricey for me, so when i can't afford it i opt for Aldo.

I wish there was a store like that, lol! It is almost impossible for me to find shoes that fit because my feet are *so* narrow, everything without an ankle strap falls off with the first step .... I have been looking for a pair of brown dress shoes (something I can wear with a skirt to church or work) for a year and haven't found any!
I just go into every shoe store I see and hope I get lucky!

However I can find lots of shoes I like in various stores, just nothing that fits

I might be crazy but I like thrift stores for shoes. There are a couple in Berkeley that always have the most fabulous designer shoes for super cheap, and I have a few favorite second hand stores in San Francisco too. I've even found barely worn designer shoes at Goodwill for a few bucks! I rarely splurge on new shoes. When I do buy new I go to Stomper's Boots or Foot Worship in SF because they sell very specialized styles that I can never find in thrift stores.
i LOVE shoes!!! i have so many. they're mostly steve madden. those fit me the best and aren't too expensive.

i love nordstroms (even though there isn't one near me). they always have a bunch of shoes.

i go in steve madden and aldo too.

I'm pretyy easy with shoes... I can buy them anywhere - if I find a pair I like, I'll get em'. the only ones I'm picky about are the Sketchers I buy every summer... I like the sneakers that slip on and have elastic under the tongue w/o laces...

Originally Posted by Charmaine I'm not really into shoes that much, so it doesn't matter to me whether it doesn't cost a lot, as long as it looks good on me. Ditto!

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