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Jan 16, 2013
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I'm fairly new at swapping. Haven't done so yet.

Not sure how to list everything but will try my best:

hair styling:

bigsexyhair spray and play 1.5 Oz

oscar blandi hair lift 1 oz

Jonathan dirt texturing paste (beauty army sample)

pantene expert age defy advanced thickening treatment 1.7 fl oz

pequi oil treatment .5 fl oz

bamboo smooth kendo oil mist 1 fl oz

frizz ease 3 day straight 1 fl oz

fekkai glossing cream 1.6 oz

phyto hair relaxing balm .5 fl oz

phyto daily hydrating cream .3 fl oz

nymph aura volumes packet

^i would gladly sell the whole box for $20 obo

jonathan hairspray FullSize

i will update this frequently. Doing one box full at a time so I don't get overwhelmed. I have 9 more boxes boxes to go.

Im looking for: 

face moisturizers without SPF

bb creams

foundations in light

nail polish esp blue, holos, glitters, odd textures, stamping