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Jun 11, 2005
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At first I didn't even recognize her?? She looks so young and adorable!! Carmen wore this flirty little frock to the Marc Jacobs show and she looks lovely. The dress is sooo cute on her and her face looks fresh and sweet
Sooo Hot!
Originally Posted by estherika /img/forum/go_quote.gif makes her look like a teen!
that's the first thing i thought tooshe looks good for someone who's in their late thirties

Hmm...I don't like it all that much. Maybe it's just because I'm so used to her hair being down?

very cute look. She looks so young though (which is good when you´re her age I guess). Does anyone notice how much she looks like Lauren Conrad from The Hills in that picture?

I think it´s the natural makeup that makes her look so drastically different.