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Mar 11, 2012
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Hi there, does someone possess any suggestions concerning best practice to get the "cat eye" appearance using eye liner?

Hi, re ideas on the best method to put-on eyeliner, MAC cosmetics releases some nice free pdf files, get them from this webpage *edited by mod* Thanks


[SIZE=18pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Learn how to smudge, shape, contour with shadow. Then perfect your cat eye liner[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]tapered to a perfect slant![/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP 1 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Define the shape of the eye with a warm bronze-y tone using a soft brush. Apply[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]the powder up to the brow and out towards the temple.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Mineralize [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Skinfinish[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Natural - Dark[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]224 Tapered Blending Brush[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP 2 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Brush the same warm tone around the cheekbones and temples of the face.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Mineralize [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Skinfinish[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Natural - Dark[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]187 Duo [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Fibre[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Brush[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP 3 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Using a neutral brown eye shadow, apply [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]colour[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] in the inner corner of the eye and[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]sweep it across the lid in a straight line towards the temples to add contour.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Pigment - Naked[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]224 Tapered Blending Brush[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]4 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Apply the same neutral brown shadow under the eye and smudge it slightly.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Pigment - Naked[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]219 Pencil Brush[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP 5 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]With a fluffy brush, add a bit of shine to the center of the lid with a shimmery[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]powder. Pull that [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]colour[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] out into the temples as well.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Iridescent Powder/Loose - Golden Bronze[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]224 Tapered Blending Brush[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP 6 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Begin drawing in the liner with a dark shadow and an angled brush on the upper[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]lash line. Create a sharp wing at the end.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Eye Shadow - Soft Brown[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]266 Small Angle Brush[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]7 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Fill in the bottom lash line with the same powder and connect to the upper liner to[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]complete the wing.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Eye Shadow - Soft Brown[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]266 Small Angle Brush[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP 8 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Follow with black pencil overtop the liner.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Eye Kohl - Smolder[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP 9 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Finish with a layer of liquid liner, tapering off at the end. Smudge with a pencil[/SIZE]


[SIZE=18pt]Superslick[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] liquid eye liner - On The Hunt[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]209 Eye Liner Brush[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]10 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Smudge the liner with a pencil brush creating a slight smokiness.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]219 Pencil Brush[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP 11 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Complete the eyes with a generous coat of mascara on top and bottom lashes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Opulash[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] - Bad, Bad Black[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP 12 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Add a soft coral powder to the apple of the cheeks. Sweep out to the temples.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Mineralize Blush – Love Joy[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]187 Duo [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Fibre[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Brush[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]13 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Define the lip shape with lip pencil in a natural coral shade.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Lip Pencil - Subculture[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]STEP 14 0F 14[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Apply coral lipstick with a flat brush, pressing the lipstick into place.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]Lipstick - Ravishing [/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]2[/SIZE][SIZE=18pt]42 [/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]Shader[/SIZE] [SIZE=10pt]Brush[/SIZE]

Practice a lot! Try out different types heres some different ones 

*edited by mod*

You can check out the Makeup Talk Video thread and do a search on "Cat Eye."

I know there are a few good vids on there than can give you some great ideas.

Good luck!

I only have one piece of advice, if you are right handed, do your left eye first...and if you are left handed, do your right eye first. I noticed that my hand and arm block my view of my right eye when I am doing my left, so it's hard to get them to match if you can't even see what you did on the first eye. It's not good if your flicks are crooked or one is bigger or longer than the other. You want the length, width, and angle to match on both eyes.


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