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Jan 20, 2004
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What a fun item..Got this not too long ago( and it's so pretty..There are swirls of beige,tan, peach etc and it gives such a great glow..Wish they'd do different swirled versions such as a finishing powder or something along that lines

Originally Posted by Irishgirl Ali,
I also use this as bronzer or a blush..I have heard that they are coming out with a new swirly, mosaic powder here soon so I am looking forward to seeing that as I am a sucker for mosaic powders. Have you ever used the Six Kitten palette? This is one of the few palettes that I have liked everything inside of it..Most of the palettes I have bought, I use 3 things and that's it. The Roar lipgoss is in it and it's to die for; like a super-pigmented version of MAC's O lipstick but better. The Kabuki brush is awesome too..I have been pretty pleased with everything in the line and they are so friendly over there which is why I have raved about them elsewhere. I would definitely take the Roar lipgloss for a spin for your next purchase!

Ooo can't wait to see the new mosaics..I love those too
I'll definitely check out Roar as well..I couldn't pull off MAC O but maybe this will work for me

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