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Jun 11, 2005
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Usually I love CZJ. I love her so much that I have shortened her name to just initials ala Sarah Jessica Parker or SJP. Initals are something I reserve for only my most beloved celebs. Oh CZJ...this is just not good. The dress is ill-fitting and matronly. I do love the color though. The shoes are a little frightening. I suspect they are uncomfortable as it seems her toes are trying to escape the shoes evil grasp. are usually a fashion star...this time you are Sooo Not Hot.
I love the colour and I actually think the shoes are pretty sexy, but the style of the dress is awful. Not a fan at all

I don't like the style of the dress, the color is okay, but the style is terrible.. it even makes her legs 'pop', I don't know if that made sense... it's like her knees are apart of the dress.

I really like her and her usual choice of gowns and dresses, but this is.. well... no.

I agree that the style of dress is just not that attractice on her. She is beautiful and sexy but this is not showing it.

I don't like the bottom of this dress and it makes her legs look wierd, and those shoes look like they don't fit her

This dress reminds me of a pineapple. Love the color, hate the style. ewww those shoes look painful...

I always thought she was one of the prettiest women in the world. Then I saw those pics of her while she was pregnant and she was SMOKING. Not cool. She went from my top 5 to not in my list of favorite actresses at all.