Celebrity Looks: iWould, iWouldn't - Victoria Beckham

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Dec 9, 2006
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Put on Some Purple
Purple is definitely this season's "it" color. We've seen it all over the red carpet on celebs like Cameron Diaz, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Emmy Rossum. And when there's a new trend, there's no doubt Victoria Beckham won't be up on her style star A-game. The British diva stepped out in a purple and white stripped mini dress looking oh-so-posh.
Is Victoria Beckham still posh in this ensemble?
For some reason she looks like plastic, I think I saw this pic on this forum already, but the pose and the way the pic is taken makes her look like one of those animated 3d dolls, hot for one of those though.

I swear...Posh and Kim Kardashian have this same dress in like 3000 styles and colors.

Originally Posted by jdepp_84 /img/forum/go_quote.gif For some reason she looks like plastic thank you!

she does, and being really shiney doesnt help either.