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Dec 9, 2006
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Hayden has turned into quite the lady overnight! This red sheath dress she wore to the London photo call of Heroes really flatters her petite frame and takes her from girl to woman. I love how she accessorized with a black patent belt because otherwise, the outfit would be too plain. Way to go lady in red!

I like how she looks in the first picture, but she looks weird in the second one, i think its the eyebrows.
But anyways, i think she looks way older than she is here, she definitely doesnt look 18, i still think she looks really good in that red dress, it's something i personally wouldn't wear, but i think she pulls off the look.
What do you think?
The dress seems to fit her a little weird around the hips. Maybe it's just the way she's standing.

I love Hayden, though!

She's cute in the dress. Thanks to her trainer she looks good. If she didn't have him her thighs would be outta control. (look at pics of her wearing short shorts)

I really like the way she dresses - i'm actually prone to wearing clothes like hers (a bit older-looking , but still pretty - i'm 19)

I think sometimes younger people want to show through the outfit that they're older or that they deserve respect... Like that (off topic moment):

I have a professor on the uni that is around her early thirties (i don't think she's more than 34 yo) that dresses on a very elegant way, but very discreet, she's always wearing black trousers, neutral shirts... And why i think she dresses that way also to show that she's more mature? Because she's really young and is already a phD on endocrinology - to some people, it's impossible to be young, really intelligent and to deserve respect at the same time. I think that i have the same style - i'm much younger than everybody but i already have leadership positions...

And another teacher, who's on her mid 40's is very beautiful and dresses herself all in fashion with youngerish clothes (note that she doesn't look like she's trying to be a 13-year-old), colorful dresses and etc. She looks really beautiful with her clothes, but it's not subtle - like that, the funniest day was when she went to classes wearing a black dress and all, and i mean ALL of her accessories were red. Even the umbrella, i swear to you. Then she looks younger and more 'alive' - i think that my older sister will be like her when she gets a bit older

END of the offtopic moment

Yes, she does look mature, but in a very good way. This may be a smart move on her part, as she tries to distance herself from the other 'train-wrecks' in Young Hollywood. No need getting looped in with them as she's already developing a good name for herself.

Love the dress too!!! But her new hair doesn't look as good as it use too... imho..



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