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Feb 26, 2019
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Hey, I am looking for a way to get rid of my cellulite. I want my skin to look tighter with fewer cellulite also my skin tone seems like imperfect skin texture or discoloration,  I was looking for opinions on which cellulite treatments work and don't. My trouble areas are my butt and inner and outer thighs. Like I said I am looking for a doctor so I would appreciate any good reviews on doctors who can help with this problem and what treatments to use... My friend recommended me fractional skin resurfacing treatment. Will this works?

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I like to use essential oils for cellulite. Grapefruit and cypress are my favorite. I just mix a drop or two with my body moisturizer.

Try a dry brush. Massages also help, but they can be a little bit painful. I would suggest using a coffee scrub once or twice a week (no more than that because it may damage your skin).
These won't make your cellulite go away but it won't be as noticeable.
I know this topic is not relevant anymore but I just wanted to add that massage waxes are perfect for cellulite reduction. So its definitely must-have if you need something for cellulite treatment.