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Sep 27, 2003
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This is my new favorite perfume. Not too heavy and not too floral type either.

I Love Chance..I always get compliments when I wear this..It's smells similar to Coco madmoiselle which I couldn't wear for some reason..A very classy scent IMO

to me chance by chanel is a very classy smelling black tie sort of fragrance. I feel like a classy business woman at a lavish hampton party when I wear this.

Chance is great. I bought it for my mom who loves Chanel fragrances and she loves it!

i hate to be the lone dissenter, but i strongly dislike chance. imho, its pleasant enough, but its boring, and worst of all, it smells almost exactly like tommy girl. mlle is nice, and i wear it every so often. its light and uncomplicated, but not very "me."