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Change the world with your Computer

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Apr 20, 2004
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Hi Friends, I just wanted to share this article from Momscape.com which details some wonderful things you can do from your PC!

Change the World with Your Computer

by Eliza Bloom

Seven simple ways you can reach out in kindness without even getting up from your computer.

We often think that volunteering takes a lot of time, money, and effort. But it's the little things we each do, every day, that have the biggest impact on our world.

Here are seven simple ways you can reach out in kindness without even getting up from your computer.

1. Make a child smile. Here's a site that connects you with children suffering from life-threatening illnesses, so you can send cards or small gifts. You decide what to send and what to say. http://www.makeachildsmile.org

2. Help a child with literacy. Become a pen pal with the In2Books project, which trains adults to discuss important subjects in their letters to elementary school students. http://www.in2books.org

3. Sponsor a child. The cost is just $28 per month through the Save the Children Foundation. If that doesn't fit your budget, consider asking your officemates or neighborhood friends to pitch in. http://www.qksrv.net/click-296961-1199281

4. Take the Ecological Footprint Quiz. Find out how much "nature" your lifestyle needs to support what you use, and what you throw away. It's just 15 quick questions, plus lots of links to let you know what you can do to change things. http://www.myfootprint.org/

5. Make a difference with your dollars. Quickly and easily determine whether the companies you do business with are socially and environmentally responsible. http://www.momscape.com/articles/bloom/dollars.htm

6. Click for kindness. Each click on the following websites earns a set contribution from a sponsor: http://www.thehungersite.com - Each click gives the value of 1.1 cups of staple food. http://www.thebreastcancersite.com - Your click funds free mammograms for women in need. http://www.thechildhealthsite.com - Each click helps prevent life-threatening diseases, restores vision to blind children, and enables child amputees to walk. http://www.therainforestsite.com - Each click funds the preservation of 11.4 square feet of endangered rainforest. http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com - Each click provides the value of 0.6 bowls of food and care to a rescued animal in a shelter or sanctuary.

7. Be an e-mentor. E-mentors spend one hour or more each week communicating with disadvantaged teens. This time can be split up however you like throughout the week. All communication is done through the icouldbe site, so you won't be getting emails at work or home. http://www.icouldbe.org

What will you do today to make the world a more kind and loving place?

This is the direct link: http://www.momscape.com/articles/blo...kindnesses.htm