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May 6, 2004
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Ok, my Lancome Adaptive will be empty soon so i'm gonna try a new one! I really wanted to try the Chantecaille Future Skin that Trisha uses (coz her skin looks amazing in her FOTD's -you should be a model for them girlie!) but its too pricey for me at the moment. Here's my specs!!

Combination Skin, Medium to Full Coverage wanted

Here are the only brands that are available to me:




Christian Dior

Bobbi Brown


Laura Mercier


Estee Lauder




Elizabeth Arden


Thats all i can think of for now!

Oh i'm delighted you mentioned Estee Lauder Double Wear coz EL have a GWP event on in Bronw Thomas at the mo so i was thinking of getting Double Wear just so i can get the free gifts!! Was also thinking about Chanel DP Creme to Powder, Chanel Vitalumiere, CD Diorskin Fluid, LM Oil Free.. Oh decisions decisions!!

Laura, I was going to suggest Armani, but since you don't have access to it, won't.

Of all the brands you listed, you might want to look into Chanel's Double Perfection Fluide. That stuff is awesome--great coverage & doesn't break me out. I'd suggest trying a sample first b/c they have both liquid & a powder version of this. I used the liquid for a year, then gave it away b/c I discovered Armani.

Not sure what BB's liquid foundations are like, but I've only tried the foundation stick, which was quite nice. Great coverage & doubles as a concealer.


I don't know if the Diorskin is what you're looking for. I found it to be a sheer to medium coverage. Give it a shot though.
Out of all the basic department store brands, I like Chanel the best. The Double Perfection foundation comes in powder form in a compact or there's a cream form in a tube. I've only used the compact and I love it. Good coverage if you want a matte look. I've used the cream form on other people and they usually end up buying it afterwards.

Bobbi Brown stick foundations are ok. I've never been into Mac. I used it as a teenager, but can't stand it now. Never tried Dior or YSL foundations(although I do like the Touche Eclat), but all the others were definitely a pass for me when I tried them, didn't like any of them.

Ok, i had Chanel DP Liquid before Gail & quite liked it so i was thinking of trying DP Creme Pouder this time around (as Trisha mentioned above!!).. I've been using Diorskin the past few days (just a sample i have) and i like it but as you said, it doesnt give much coverage. I think i'll go with EL Double Wear because they're having a GWP event at the mo & i need a new bronzer too & i've used their Amber Bronze before & loved it so there's the 2 products i can buy! God, this decision was the easiest one i've ever made. Thanks for helping me come to it so quickly. God i LOVE MakeUpTalk

Really Envymi? To be honest i've never used any of their foundations so i'll ask for a sample for sure before buying. Thanks for the heads up

dior's stuff is SO heavily fragranced, so that's why i stopped using my diorlight foundation. all, or most, of the french labels add a lot of fragrance in their stuff. it's just how they do it.

i use stila's illuminating liquid, which i love, but it's sheer-medium coverage, so i guess it's not good for you since you're looking for more

curious, trisha, but how many people buy stila's foundation? i think i remember you saying you work for stila.

Originally Posted by Trisha Most people we put it on, like it and buy it and come back for it!
ILF gets so much word of mouth advertising, like people come in to try it cos they've seen a friend wearing it and love it! The tinted moisturiser is really popular at the moment, esp since there are more shades to pick from now!

Our most popular products are

  • Lipglaze (and now the Glaze Liners!)
  • Convertible Cheek/Lip
  • ILF
  • IPF
  • Tinted Moisturiser
  • Eyeshadow
  • Pot products (Smudge/Shadow/Rouge)
  • Brushes
i love the tinted moisturizer! i bought it when there were 3 shades only. light was a perfect match. it just made me SO mad because i couldn't see how much was in the tube! i bought ILF before i think it was even finished because i was too scared i'd have nothing to fall back on in case it did.
I'm really liking the MAC foundation I just got recently.. the Select Coverup SPF15 Moistureblend... it's creamy, smooth, and you can adjust the coverage by how you apply. I haven't gotten any breakouts from it either. It's not that oily or greasy as I guess some other things might be - if that's why some of you break out? I would try it out if you can get to a counter... it's really nice!