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Sep 27, 2003
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I've been looking at the Chantecaille line online for quite some time now. I have 1 eye shadow (ginger) and I really like it. The texture is very silky and it lasts a long time. I'm thinking about buying more Chantecaille. I also used the Real Skin Foundation before and liked it. It didn't cause any breakouts and gave natural color. Now I'm especially interested in the lipglosses and the lipsticks. The lipgloss has been voted one of the best according to managazines. Any thoughts on this line ladies?

I have 1 gloss in Kir. I really like it, but I haven't used it for a while because I've been spoiled by Stila's pen style glazes. The colour is quite deep, but you can pat it on to get a stain effect, plus it comes in a mirrored compact. I should go and get it out and start using it again. I was impressed by the quality, I think they're worth trying out.

Reija, I use their Real Skin Foundation too and I really think it is very nice. I have 4 lipsticks from Chantecaille. Love the colors and the creamy feeling. They are great products. I have one lipgloss and gave it to my sister since I prefer l/s. She loves it very much and says it has helped her dry lips better than ever. I have only one e/s (Myrrh) and it is very light, mostly use it as a base

Neiman Marcus carries the Chantecaille line both in stores and online. Here is a link:

They don't take visa or mc in stores but you can use them online! I just placed an order and picked standard delivery. It came in 2 day delivery
Have fun shopping

i want to try the futre skin foundation. but when i went to NM the other weekend, i totally forgot about going into their makeup area. i spent a lot of $ on makeup that day, so i didn't even want to go in the section
i don't know when i'll be at nm again too

that's one of the reasons i want to try stila lip glazes, because of the pen/brush. don't have to worry about having an extra lip brush when doing my lips.

That was the second reason why I gave mine to my sister... I don't like to carry another item so I can get the gloss out of it
I am lazy when it comes to my lips

Originally Posted by Trisha I've only used the fndt products ,but i tried a lip gloss instore and it seemed nice, but like Lea i love something pen style so i dont have to make a mess putting it on x
I prefer lipglosses too that are in a tube so I don't have to have a separate brush to apply it. Maybe I'll check out the lipsticks more then and more of the eye shadows.

I have Lotus, Nebula, Amande, and Milky Way from the l/s. They are very creamy:icon_love :icon_love

Milky Way is very light color and sheer formula so I use it at home mostly or to lighten up some dark l/s. It also makes them shine more
I was at Neiman Marcus on Saturday (23 Apr) and checked out some of the e/s and they looked pretty. I did buy the new mascara from Chantecaille just to kill my curiosity. It isn't worth the price ($32) at all!!!! You have fun shopping and let us know what you end up with

Originally Posted by Reija(admin) I prefer lipglosses too that are in a tube so I don't have to have a separate brush to apply it. Maybe I'll check out the lipsticks more then and more of the eye shadows.
You're welcome

Originally Posted by Reija(admin) Thanks for telling me about the lipstick colors. I'll check em out!