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Jun 22, 2004
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This morning I went to Nordstrom Rack & was curious to see if I'd find any nice boots for a respectable price. I found these in my size for only $69.90:


Zappos is selling them for $217.90. So, if you're looking for an interesting boot to wear w/pants or jeans, these are something to think about. The heel is high @ 3.5 inches, but remarkably easy to walk in.

Also, I'm bummed out b/c I finally decided on my KangROOS & they've gone up in price from $17.90 to $29.90. Ugh...

Wow! These are sooo cute! I like the height too. I can't believe what a steal you got. I'm so happy for you.

They're really cool boots, but I actually passed on those & got another pair b/c those didn't fit my calves well. If they're still there by Friday, then I might have to scoop them up. LOL!

Talk about a bargain Gail! I'd buy them anyway coz they're such a great bargain!! Lovely boots too though. That reminds me, i've to buy new black boots soon

I thought so too, but it was a really tough decision not to get them. I stood in them for about 20 minutes looking in the mirror & my friend thought they were cool, but we both agreed I couldn't wear them w/skirts b/c my calves were just too small.


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