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Jun 16, 2007
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Normally, weather doesn't really bother me. But when I saw the 100 year old trees in my backyard SWAYING back and forth, that's when I was like "BASEMENT TIME!" and I ran downstairs, grabbed my shoes, a flashlight, the dog, the cat and my cell phone.

I'd never been so scared, and I've lived in Chicago area my whole life. And lately we have been having so many tornado warnings, more than I have ever seen in my lifetime for one summer.

It's bad. Skyscrapers have had their windows blown in, the Chicago History Museum had the windows blown in there too. Lake Shore Drive had a piece of a roof of a building fly INTO the street during rush hour. And a warehouse had it's roof cave in.

100 MPH winds and hail... no thank you! So please be careful! You know, don't go and climb trees and stuff, and hope for the best.

<3 <3

I hid in my basement. Its raining SUPER hard now. Sounds like someone dropping swimming pools full of marbles on the roof

Stay safe Chicagoian!

Last summer in Ontario we had crazy winds that took down dozens of trees all over the southern parts of the province - HUGE ones!! It was so scary! 5 came down in the park right across from our apartment building at the time! Trees that have been chewed by beavers or have any kind of rot or parasite on the insides are especially vulnerable.

Please be safe!!

I know how feel, I hate bad weather! Scares the crap out of me!

We had a tornado in new york not long ago. It was at night and it was in one the neighborhood and all i heard is a thunderstorm. It was so loud and scary that i couldn't even go to sleep. It is really scary what is going on in the world.

As of right this second its not raining, sun is sorta shining. I think its hot outside...But it was like this this time yesterday. I'm a weirdo though i like the storms.

btw they actually closed oak brook mall yesterday. Malls dont close for ANYTHING


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